Volunteers required: Schools tournaments26-03-2019

Please see message from Kevin McDonagh Games Development Manager for Provincal Council. If anyone has any spare time on Friday morning to give a hand it would be very much appreciated. This school tournament has been run for a very long time & the children travelling from Ireland would be very disappointed if we had to cancel. Please contact Kevin if available to assist on any of the dates outlined below.

Hello all,

As all of you are aware of Lloyd's departure from London GAA. I have been keeping the Primary schools updated with the programs in the last few weeks.

Schools are understanding of the lack of resource to keep after school clubs running however if any coach within a club who is skilled and cleared to coach children, they can assist it would be greatly received. 

More importantly to the development of Gaelic Games in London is the tournaments Lloyd had organised.

It would be a shame to not run this and the impact on the schools and the future of Gaelic in London would be affected, which no one wants.

Therefore I wanted to ask is anyone is around to assist with the running of Primary School Tournaments for the following dates. (All at Greenford 9:30am-3pm each day)

  • Year 4 Tournament Thursday 23rd May

Assisting can be anything from helping set up and clear up after the games to refereeing go games rules for primary school children. These games are all split into zones where all the kids play in each zone throughout the day.

From Provincial Level we are looking at moving resource from another county for these dates, however any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Many Thanks,

Kevin Mc Donagh